-Assembly of First Nations Presentation: Designing an Approach that Roots Our Learners: Stories of the Land, Our Home:  http://www.afn.ca/uploads/files/designing_an_approach_that_roots_our_learners-_michelle_richmond-saravia.pdf

-Human Rights and Elders/Thunder Bay: TBIFC (Thunder Bay Indian Friendship Ctr. Lifelong Care) -Legal Education.

Quilt to provide learning

-Arts Based Article on Indigenous Mothering:  Anishinaabe Mothering (upon request or presentation of)

-Link To Thesis Publication: Significance of Land in Health and Learning in Anishinaabe Youth of Pic River FN, Canada

-Vigil Organization: Vigil Organized for Loretta Saunders at the Marina, Waterfront, MMIW.

-MMIW Inquiry: Pre Inquiry Design

-Transit Policy: Speaking Up

In 2004, Richmond-Saravia launched an anti bullying campaign at Nishnawbe Aski Nation(NAN) Education Department which included a poster series, a report on bullying in the Nishnawbe Aski Nation territory, and other promotional anti bullying materials which was specific to the NAN territory. This went to all 49 communities in the NAN territory.
In 2007, Curriculum and program delivery for the Awo Taan Parent Link Centre in Calgary in the area of anti bullying for students based on the Seven Sacred Teachings to a partner school in Calgary.
In 2012, Physical Education and Health, Social Studies and Music was developed for Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, ON for the Native Teacher Education Program.
In 2015, a program for Elders based on learning about their Human Rights took place with the Thunder Bay Indian Friendship Centre. Elders learned about the following topics in relation to Human Rights: Income Security, Housing, Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, Wills and Estates, Self Care, and built a Human Rights Quilt alongside while learning about these topic areas. A manual was created for the Elders to keep.


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