Professional Development

Building a conference or support with smaller scale gatherings. My focus was relevant to the city I lived in when I launched my first conference. The importance is to further relationship building to best support community, frontline, corporate, and organizations.

The success of the conference was seen and felt all around.

Networking is a core activity that helps to build understanding, relationships and community. 

These touchstone opportunities have built knowledge, supported partnership development and worked to improve and support professional development. 

In total, these conferences alone have brought together about 500 participants in face to face conferences since 2017.

I care about the future which is why I want to support knowledge building opportunities. For years I have listened on the research side of my work, and thought, how can I propel and move my work into something more tangible, far reaching and transformative. Many have been involved in this important work, and many will continue to be.

The goals have been aimed to build a discussion on Best Practices in topic areas with a focus on Professional Development, with incredible and inspirational Keynotes including Dr. LittleBear, Balena Anderson and Ontario’s Regional Chief RoseAnne Archibald.

Requesting sponsorship support from organizations, collaborators, or partners is important to build conferences, and looks forward to these partnerships.

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